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Reaching In Reaching Out (RIRO): Building resilience in young children and the professionals who support them

This 2-day workshop equips professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to model and teach resilience approaches to young children.  For more information about the Reaching In Reaching Out programme, please visit:

Who is this suitable for?
This workshop is open to all professionals working with children under 8 years old, in a healthcare or education setting.

What’s in it for participants?

  • Identifying and strengthening critical abilities associated with resilience.
  • A chance to build your own foundation of the critical abilities for resilience, so that you can model with children and families.
  • Learn strategies to:
    • Stay calm and focused in stressful times
    • Identify how thoughts can affect our ability to cope with stress and challenges
    • Challenge thinking habits that hinder resilience
    • Generate alternative ways to handle conflict, problems and stress.
  • Learn the skills and theory you need to create a “culture of resilience” and to build critical resiliency skills in young children, using child-friendly approaches.

What others have said

“It provided an opportunity to reflect on my own resiliency skills and thinking patterns, and how this influences my practice and work with families.”

“Sarah was skilled, knowledgeable, generous with her time and inspiring”

“I’m feeling enriched! Lots of new ideas both practical, and more for future study.”

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