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Host a Palin PCI Course locally 2020-2021 (UK only)

January 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021 6:17 pm

ASC Supported Palin PCI Courses across the UK 2020-2021

 Action for Stammering Children is supporting the Michael Palin Centre to run four subsidised Palin PCI courses around the UK,  (rather than in London), allowing therapists from around the UK to attend the course without having the associated costs of traveling to London, and we are looking for people around the UK to host the courses.

Would you be interested in hosting a course? The benefits would be that you would:

–          Save travel time and costs for therapists

–          Save accommodation costs for therapists

–          Receive free manuals (costing £40 each, needed for the course)

–          Have flexibility around dates


Please see below the two options that are available. For both options 25 free manuals would be supplied and costs for the trainer’s accommodation, travel or subsistence would be covered by ASC.

Option A

You provide a venue and we do the rest

You would be responsible for finding and funding a venue and advertising the course through your local networks. The venue would need to hold up to about 40 participants and have a screen and speakers so that participants can see and hear videos and read course slides. There are no other up-front costs for your trust and participants pay the MPC directly for their place on the course.

Therapists pay £125 for the course through the MPC website (At the centre the PCI course now costs £250 plus £40 for the manual)

The first 25 therapists to book receive a free manual.

Option B

Full team training (Special offer)

Your trust pays £3,000 for full team training – we can train up to 40 participants. (30 participants paying £100 per head would cover the costs). If you want to offer places to neighbouring teams that is fine. The maximum you can charge for a place on the course is £100.

Please contact Gemma Clarke and Sarah Caughter at the Michael Palin Centre on 0203 316 8100 or by email, [email protected] and [email protected] if you would like to host a course.

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