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    Sometimes you just need someone to talk to


    Sometimes you just need someone to talk to

    Our Helpline, 020 3316 8100, is open during office hours (9am-5pm) and voicemail messages can be left when the office is closed.

    “I really appreciated watching videos of therapists in action and having the opportunity to shadow experienced clinicians.”


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    I’m also happy for the Michael Palin Centre to call me occasionally about supporting the Centre’s work.
    Charitable donations to the Michael Palin Centre are administered by The Whittington Health Charity, Registered Charity Number 1056452 For this purpose alone, The Whittington Health Charity will also hold your details. We take your privacy seriously and will never sell or swap your details with other third parties. You can withdraw your consent to be contacted at any time by calling 020 3316 8100 or by emailing [email protected] Information about how the Trust protects personal data is set out in our privacy policy.
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