GPs and other professionals

Do you need quick key information about stammering and cluttering?

This section of the Michael Palin Centre website focuses upon:

  • What causes stammering?
  • Facts about stammering
  • Information about cluttering
  • Where can my patient get help?
GPs and other professionals

“It was empowering to be told that my instincts are good!”

  • What causes stammering?
  • Facts about stammering
  • Information about cluttering
  • Where can my patient get help?


020 3316 8100

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Our helpline is for parents or carers, children, young people or adults who stammer,  speech and language therapists, teachers, employers, GPs and other professionals.

Therapists man the helpline regularly during the week. Phone to find out when the next helpline slot is or email and a therapist will get back to you. Let us know if it is urgent.




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Latest news

Lord Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

We were deeply saddened to hear that Lord Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks passed away on 7th November. Lord Sacks was a long-time friend of the Michael Palin centre, and great supporter of our work with children who stammer. He first became involved when the late Dr Lena Rustin was head of the Centre. Lena co-founded …

12th Oxford Dysfluency Conference

Due to COVID-19 the 12th ODC has been postponed. It will now take place from the 6th-9th January 2021 with the theme ‘Challenge and Change.’ Go to http://www.dysfluencyconference.com for more information about the programme and how to register or submit an abstract.

Richard Mintz OBE

In its early days, Richard was a trustee of the charity Association for Research into Stammering in Childhood (now Action for Stammering Children). This charity, chaired by Travers Reid, worked together with the NHS to set up the Michael Palin Centre under the leadership of Lena Rustin. The Michael Palin Centre became an internationally renowned …

MPC on Twitter

A big congratulations to our Social Communication Team on this achievement — to support parents and carers of children with autism the team created videos of their usual face-to-face workshops and shared them with families in Islington 📽️🥳 https://twitter.com/health1tech/status/1352574422712987648

HTN Health Tech News@health1tech

HTN Now Awards 2021, Best Solution to Support Patients, Highly Commended goes to…

Whittington Health NHS Trust

#HTNAwards @WhitHealth

Feeling inspired after a great first day of my virtual Palin PCI course for supporting families and children under 7 who stammer. @thepalincentre #stammering #SLT

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