GPs and other professionals

Do you need quick key information about stammering and cluttering?

This section of the Michael Palin Centre website focuses upon:

  • What causes stammering?
  • Facts about stammering
  • Information about cluttering
  • Where can my patient get help?
GPs and other professionals
  • What causes stammering?
  • Facts about stammering
  • Information about cluttering
  • Where can my patient get help?


020 3316 8100

Talk with an expert.

Get information and advice.

Our helpline is for parents or carers, children, young people or adults who stammer,  speech and language therapists, teachers, employers, GPs and other professionals.

Therapists man the helpline regularly during the week. Phone to find out when the next helpline slot is or email and a therapist will get back to you. Let us know if it is urgent.




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Latest news

Online Summer Group for Young People who Stammer – Summer 2021

We are staying online for this summer’s course for young people aged 15-18 years. If you are interested in this for yourself, or if you are an SLT then look at our information about making a referral. This year’s summer online group will be one week long. You can click here to read more about our summer …

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Travers Reid Hon FRCSLT

Co-founder and Life President of Action for Stammering Children Travers was a true gentleman whose ambition and achievements have changed the lives of many thousands of children and families. First and foremost he was a devoted family man, married to Sandra for 60 years and intensely proud of his children and grandchildren.  More than 30 …

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Wow!! I’ve raised £500 for @ascstammering Motivated to run today! @JustGiving#JustGiving https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Nic-Maddy-AmyHunter-KatieStaton-KateHames-BeckyAshley?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=Nic-Maddy-AmyHunter-KatieStaton-KateHames-BeckyAshley&utm_campaign=pfp-tweet&utm_term=c805502ba2384756bff303f7b21d11b7

Today @DysfluencyCEN the European Fluency Specialist Board presented a one-off opportunity for CEN members to become Registered European Fluency Specialists quickly and easily. Contact the Board at http://www.europeanfluencyspecialists.eu
#stutter #stammer #clutter #specialist

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