Michael Palin Centre for Stammering

We help children, young people and adults who stammer through individually-tailored therapy delivered by highly experienced specialists. We are supported by Whittington Health NHS Trust, the Stuttering Foundation and Whittington Health Charity, with premises provided by Action for Stammering Children.

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Joint Statement: MPC and ASC
In May 2024, Whittington Health NHS Trust and Action for Stammering Children (ASC) outlined the new relationship between the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering and ASC in the following joint statement:

The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering (MPC) is internationally renowned for its pioneering specialist assessment and therapy service for children and teenagers who stammer and their parents, as well as services for adults who stammer. The aim of its evidence-based therapy is to help children, teenagers and adults who stammer become confident communicators who participate in every aspect of their lives, embracing opportunities and living life to the full. The MPC works to promote and develop services beyond the MPC by training therapists nationally and internationally in our therapy approaches. In addition, we have an ongoing research programme, so we can learn more about stammering, the effectiveness of our therapy, and how to better help those who seek our support.

This expert and ground-breaking service was set up in the 1970s by Lena Rustin, who in the 1980s, along with Travers Reid (himself a stammerer), co-founded the charity now known as Action for Stammering Children (ASC). ASC and the NHS jointly established the Michael Palin Centre in 1993 for the provision of speech and language therapy for children who stammer and their families. The MPC grew in size and influence thanks to this successful collaboration.

While the ASC and the MPC are independent bodies, Action for Stammering Children purchased the Pine Street Building in Clerkenwell in 2012, securing a permanent premises for the MPC. As part of ASC’s charitable contribution, the building continues to be home to the specialist stammering service run by Whittington Health NHS Trust.

Action for Stammering Children is the UK charity for children and young people who stammer, their families, and the communities who support them. ASC is here to make sure that every child who stammers has the support, respect and confidence to live the life they want to lead. ASC supports and empowers parents, caregivers and professionals; facilitates and champions research; and campaigns for changes in policy and societal attitudes.

ASC is also based in the Pine Street building. Now in its third decade, ASC has established partnerships with a number of organisations in addition to the MPC, enabling it to offer a host of projects and services to children who stammer across the UK.

Funds specifically intended for activities at the Michael Palin Centre will now be raised through The Whittington Health Charity. The Whittington Health Charity may, in future, also choose to apply for funding from ASC for specified activities at The Michael Palin Centre.



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