Training courses

Become accredited in Palin PCI

Find out about how to become an Accredited Palin PCI Therapist.  Develop a Palin PCI skills portfolio, grow your skills and confidence through supervision and feedback and meet assessment requirements to complete this pathway to accreditation.

Cost: £870

Fee includes:

  • two-day training in Palin PCI
  • one additional day of skills training
  • course manual Practical Intervention for Early Childhood Stammering (Kelman & Nicholas, 2008) (Value: £47.99)
  • six hours of individual clinical supervision in the following year (face-to-face or by Skype)

Available to: qualified SLTs (UK or international)

Email Gemma Clarke to find out more

Training courses

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to


Sometimes you just need someone to talk to

Our Helpline, 020 3316 8100, is open during office hours (9am-5pm) and voicemail messages can be left when the office is closed.

“The MPC ACT course has had an immediate impact on my practice as an SLT working with young people with a stammer. All the practical activities meant that I was able to implement elements of this approach literally the next day with empowering results for my teenage clients. Its emphasis on acceptance makes it an important resource for all therapists and essential for those working with people who stammer.”

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