Courses at The MPC

Read before booking


Courses at the MPC: £125 per day (from January 2021), subsidised by ASC. If you would like to pay for your course by invoice an administration fee of £20 per person will be added to the course fee.

MPC coming to train your team in the UK: £1,500 per day plus travel, accommodation and subsistence.

MPC coming to train your team overseas: £1,500 per day plus travel, accommodation, subsistence and an additional £500 for travel time.

One-week training: £400

Two-week training: £600

Who can attend

Most of our workshops are for qualified speech and language therapists. Our RIRO workshop is open to other professionals and we run one Palin PCI workshop each year which is open to student speech and language therapists in their final year.

Observing for either one or two weeks is for qualified speech and language therapists only.

If you need to cancel your booking

There is a one month cancellation requirement for all of our workshops. If you cancel more than one month beforehand you will be refunded or not charged.

If you cancel within one month of the workshop you will be charged the full fee. If the MPC was coming to train your team then that will include any travel and accommodation costs that we need to cover.

If you have booked to attend as a trainee for either one or two weeks please let us know as soon as possible if your plans change as there may be others who would like the training place.

If we need to cancel or re-schedule a course

We need a minimum of 10 participants to confirm a course. We will let you know when a course is confirmed. If we need to postpone or cancel a course we will let you, or the host team, know one month beforehand.

Please bear this in mind if making travel or accommodation arrangements.

If we need to cancel a 2-week observation

We may not be able to confirm that a 2-week therapy group is running until one month beforehand. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether to apply to attend and when making travel and accommodation arrangements.


All workshops include client material (i.e. photos, videos, written case summaries) that has been agreed for use in teaching. If you are attending as a trainee for one or two weeks you will have access to client information. We require all participants to be aware of and agree to the obligation that we have to maintain confidentiality.

We do not allow taking photos of slides with pictures of clients, or making video recording of client videos.

All written case material must be returned to the trainer.

No copies can be made of any client material.

Discussion of clients is restricted to your training room.

Please feel free to post on social media about your experience of training with us but do not post any client-related content.


If you are coming to the MPC we will send you handouts two weeks in advance. If we are coming to train your team we will send handouts to your your local course organiser two weeks in advance. You need to print off all of your handouts and bring them with you to the workshop.

We hope that you will enjoy sharing your experience of training with us with your colleagues however please do not distribute handouts either in hard copy, electronically or on social media.

If you are observing for one or two-weeks you will have access to clinical resources. These are for your personal use only and are not to be distributed either in hard copy, electronically or on social media.

Attendance certificate

You need to attend the full course to receive your attendance certificate.

If we are coming to train your team

We need a venue with the usual AV (Powerpoint, speakers, flip chart and pens). Please make sure that the room is big enough to allow pair or group work.

We put a cap on numbers because we want our workshops to be interactive. Typically we recommend up to 40 per group. Please speak to us if you want us to work with a larger number.

We present our workshops in English, with the exception of Palin PCI which we can also deliver in French or Spanish. If booking us to come overseas please arrange an interpreter if needed so that your group can maximise their learning with us.

MPC database

We have an SLT database so that we can keep participants informed of further training opportunities and events at the MPC that might be of interest. Please email [email protected] if you wish to be added to the SLT database.

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